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Eraldo Di Vita

Mario Domenico Storari

  Eraldo Di Vita

...I saw Elena Andreescu works and I tried to enter in her oneiric world.
I read once again "Alice in the wonderland", a world of symbols, religions intellectuality, of spiritual quiet, of fantastic illusion where the man desperately try to cling to.

It seems to understand that her art borns from the meeting of unreal painting and the intelletual fiction, together with feasible perfection, ability and technical care.
In her "Enchanted Garden" and in her "Fantastic Circus", you can find Fellinian allegorical character: they are happy to be a part of magic, changalian tale, where even the sun and the moon are there handy, where animals and the man talk together in a franciscanum semplicity.
Her fairy communications take place in an ascetic world, in a spiritual life whose final aim is the human conscience expansion up to the universal conscience that can be reached only by the achievement of the supreme spiritual cause that stays in us,that is over our phisical and mental level and it is our real eternal me.